A Montreal casino player recently hit the jackpot, winning over $3 million CAD (about $2.24 million USD) after playing a progressive table game for just a few minutes.

The lucky player, Claude Martin, had visited Casino de Montreal, the largest casino in Canada, which is owned and operated by Loto-Quebec, a crown enterprise, and opened its doors in October 1993.

According to casino officials, Martin and his wife were on their way to a concert at the casino’s Cabaret music venue and decided to play a few hands of 3 Card Poker to pass the time. After playing a few hands, Martin was dealt a royal flush in spades, winning the table game’s progressive jackpot of $3,056,175 CAD.

On Friday, January 20, 2023, a visitor to Casino de Montreal, the largest casino in Canada and operated by Loto-Quebec, had the luckiest day of his life. The man, who was primarily at the casino complex for a concert, won more than CA$3 million from a single table game, making it the largest payout in the casino’s history. The details of the game and the exact amount won were not disclosed by the casino officials.

Despite his big win, Martin plans to continue working as a construction worker in his early 60s. He plans to spend some of his newfound wealth on purchasing the “car of his dreams” and buying a lakeside cottage in Quebec. His wife has also requested that they go to another concert by Canadian singer Roch Voisine, as they did not get to attend the concert they had planned to see before Claude hit the 3 Card Poker jackpot and changed their plans.